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Into The Moment

A creative journey to the innermost intuition


Is it possible to create without the need to be good? Is it possible to create without competition? Is it possible to embrace the unknown? Is it possible to fall in love with the doubt? This is a special workshop to deepen and develop the personal creativity of  each participant. Through exercises that will include: text, emotions,  movements and music, the participants will discover new layers of their  individual creative source, and will express their true inner voice without  the need to excel or to be the best.

Facilities Requirements:


An idoors venue

A very good quality stereo music system which includes: a laptop with both USB and a drawer for CD, a mixer, and two or more separated  high quality loudspeakers.

The music system should be operated from the workshop's space itself and not from a separate room.

Each participant will need: a cushion/pillow, a blindfold, loose clothes

Three days workshop
5 - 6 hours a day
Number of participants: 14 - 50

One week (7 days) workshop / 10 days workshop
5 - 6 hours a day
The last day is an open class (public presentation) for invited audience
Number of participants: 12 - 20

Important notes:

Age of participants is 19 years old and above.

People who live, work or stay near the workshop's
nue should be notified that the workshop will  include loud music

 For Invitations :     [email protected]





The Vijayaloka Retreat Center - Sydney

Manning clarke house - Canberra
The Victoria College of the Arts (VCA) - Melbourne
The Monash University - Melbourne
The University of Western Australia (UWA) - Perth
Merto Arts - Brisbane
The Actors Workshop - Brisbane
The Darwin Theater - Darwin



Reyum Institute - Phnom Penh



WAC Theater Unlimited - Suva



Staudinger Gesamtschule - Freiburg
Kammerspiele im E-Werk (KIEW) - Freiburg



The International Summer Academy - Neufchteau.



Arangham Dance Theatre - Madras
The Magic Lantern Theatre - Madras
Kuthu-P-Pattarai Theatre - Madras

The Rangavedhi Theater - Madras
Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company - Bombay
The Rael Padamsee Theatre Academy -  Bombay
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Theatre Academy -  Bombay
Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Lab Institute - Bombay
Centre For Performing Arts - University Of Pune - Pune
Osho Commune International - Pune
The Film and Television Institute of India (FTI) - Pune
The Tibetan Institution for Performing Arts(TIPA) - Dharamsala
Amity University - Noida - New Delhi


MediCin - College Of Complementary Medicine - Tel Aviv

Hamakom - A Retreat Center For The Study And Experience Of Jewish Wisdom - The Dead Sea.


Session House - Tokyo
Okusawa Kumin Center - Tokyo
The Conferences Center - Kani
Seinendan and Agora theaters - Tokyo

Kyoritsu Women's University - Tokyo 



The Royal Academy - Kathmandu
The Studio 7 Theatre in Vajra hotel - Kathmandu

Theater Mall and The Garden Theater - Kathmandu

IsraAid - Kathmandu 


Massey University - Palmerston North

Universal College Of Learning (UCOL) - Palmerston North
Toi Whakaari - National Drama School - Wellington
Unitec - Auckland


Instituto Superior de Psicologia aplicade (ISPA) - Lisbon
Universidade de Coimbra - Coimbra



Mashirika Theater - Kigali 


Keum Soo Culture And Art Center - Taegu
Ham Gge Sa Num Se Sang Theater - Taegu
Theatre Yeolimtyo - Chong Won Kun Youth Camp - Chongju
Theatre Gaetdol - Mokpo Cultural Center - Mokpo
Theatre Iltue - Pusan
Incheon Women Middle School - Incheon
Pu Piong Culture Center - Incheon

Ehwa University - Seoul
Yonglim Primary School - Seoul
Theatre Han Gang - Pucheon
Ta-Gye Art Town - Yeongdong
The Red Cross Training Center - Gwang-Ju



Assignment Theater - Taipei

Treasure Hill Artists Village - Taipei

Liberty Theater - Kaohsiung, Meinong 





Thai-Israel Friendship Foundation under
the Royal patronage of H.R.H. princess
Mahajakri Sirindhorn - Bangkok
BEC TERO Television Channel 3 - Bangkok
Makhampom Theatre Group - Bangkok
Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok
Prince Songhla University - Hat Yai
Patravadi Theater - Bangkok
Nation Multimedia Group Company - Bangkok
Baan Pranee - Bangkok
Rangsit University - Bangkok
Living Style Sripathum Longstay Resort - Pathum Thanee
IBYCUS-Opera School-Bangkok
Tadu Contemporary Art - Bangkok
Acts and Arts - Bangkok
Moradokmai Theater - Patum Tani




 Knowmads - Amsterdam


Repertory Philippines
Cultural Center Of The Philippines (CCP)
Tanghalang Pilipino Actor's Company
Ballet Philippines
University Of The Philippines (UP)
Ateneo De Manila University
The Philippines Playhouse
The Universal Wisdom Foundation
Chacra - Center For Health And Creative Arts


For Invitations :     [email protected]

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